How to Get a New Job

The most important thing to remember when job-hunting is to remember you won’t get anywhere if you don’t apply. Employers can’t guess you want that job!

So, consider these guidelines if you want to make a workplace change:

  1. Think of the type of work you want. If it is way beyond you (lack of experience, not qualified etc) then don’t apply, or you are simply wasting your time and their time.
  2. Apply speculatively. Most jobs never get advertised, or employers will simply select from speculative applications, rather than advertise.
  3. Word of mouth. Who you know can sometimes be more important than what you know. Does a friend or family member work somewhere you would like to work? Talk to them about hiring opportunities.
  4. Visits. Knock on doors, see people, managers etc, ask them directly face-to-face for work. Visit your nearest Boost retailer and see what they have to say.
  5. Collect application forms on visits if you can’t get to see someone. Your resume might get seen by the right person at just the right time.
  6. Long term planning.  Thinking about getting something better? Then maybe you need better qualifications. Check out what college or high school credits you might need to be able to step up the career ladder in your chosen field.
  7. Think about working for yourself. Self-employment is hard work, but you will be your own boss. Check out the franchise opportunities with Boost. Plus, the other opportunities we have to move around in the company. Jobs exist with Boost Mobile and Dish in retail management, customer service, call centers, marketing, finance, sales, account management and more. You just have to apply!


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